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"Tổ quốc nhìn từ biển" (or Motherland if looking to the sea) is originally a poem composed by Nguyễn Việt Chiến - a journalist at Thanh Nien Newspaper - in a composing camp organized by Vietnam's People Army in 2009. 

When the poem had been published on Thanh Nien Newspaper on May 29, 2011, it was immediately re-published by many domestic e-newspapers and thousands of private blogs. The poem has become the most shared piece of writing in Vietnamese online community in the time that Chinese ships violated Vietnamese maritime sovereignty in late May and early June 2011. 

The poem, which brings audiences an abundant emotion, is the eloquent affirmation of national sovereignty and the exhibition of Vietnamese patriotism.

Quynh Hop, after reading the poem and author's thought on e-newspaper, composed the song "Tổ quốc nhìn từ biển" with resolute and powerful marching rhythm in 2 days. The song is a demonstration of Vietnamese decisive spirit in protecting the nation's belonging waters and islands. 

The song is performed by Artista Band and is being listened by millions of Vietnamese people. 

Listen and support Vietnamese people in their efforts to protect the nation's belonging waters and islands.

The video includes images of people and life on Vietnam's belonging waters and islands. It is added into play-list VIC3 - V-Music 

Video by @kienthanh07 and description contains information from VnExpress 

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